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3rdIEntertainment presents "My Skin Is My Sin"

3rdIEntertainment presents The IGive feat. David Emanuel Comedian "My Skin Is My Sin" (Produced by Brian France)

The IGive featuring David Emanuel Comedian

“My Skin Is My Sin”


Released: 2016


Lyrics by The IGive

Poem/Speech by David Emanuel Comedian

Music Composed by Brian France

Engineered by Jaimz Mallet (at The W 121 Studios, Jacksonville, FL)




Free flowing hemoglobin red colored stream of flowing

Blood like a river, Hands on ID to show him

Because he asked, tight gripped trigger finger blowing

Licensed to carry, but it’s scary ‘cause a negus’ holding gats

He’s a Black, bad raps is all he be knowing

Past! We can’t get passed that, Profit prison quota

It is noted paramilitary; I mean policy ordinary (to)

Kill a brother, Pain I’m bearing and it’s visceral

I must demand justice now, what you waiting for?!

Black and Black out loud, what you hating for?!

I’m a “stand my ground”, what you praying for

If you ain’t gonna act?! I can’t take no more

Fake as conversations when you act so confrontational

Privileged and you ignore the advantages you’re taking of

You slander me on TV, ‘cause really you want to be me

I will believe our lives matter to you when you stand up with me

But you mock me to my face, Race is not split fifty-fifty

(We) ain’t on even ground and I mean it now, you gon’ hear me

I’m a Black man, Asiatic crown end your tyranny

Organize the crowd, that’s a movement!

No longer sit and wait for approval

You told me “comply or die” for refusal

Only one side that is right I am choosing

Black and aboriginal, Nappy headed lyrical

Scrappy Abernathy, Martin Luther, Malcolm Little flow

X’ing out your hashtags, true and living water flow

Sweeter than the berry ‘cause I’m rocking with a darker flow

My patience is ending here quickly

May justice rush rivers as swiftly

Before hot heads respond with vengeances

I’m pissed off, now my rocket engine is lifting

You think my skin is my sin so you kill me

I’m (a) hell bound biting hell hound with the fury

And wrath of a war angel, f**k a halo

I’ve laid low but now I say no more of you killing us

Really ‘cause, we face real injustice and still conduct

Business with you, peaceful as a dove, but I feel my cup

Running over while you hunt my soldiers and you kill your own

Throw the blame back on me to feel hopeless, but I’m not alone

Time is running out so I got to go

You may kill my body, but I still got soul

I still got soul

Black Power

Black Love Matters

Black Lives Matter

Love Wins After